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API Integration is intended to be invoked by third parties in order to take advantage of and integrate with our internal systems. This enables to send and receive required information between GP Supply Chain and its key customers seamlessly. This enables both the parties to enable each other systems and resources to interact and avoid duplication of activities at each other’s ends.

GP Supply Chain specializes in providing this technology interface to our enterprise customers and will enable them to stitch integration to fulfill unique requirements of each organisation.

When your account manager first sets up your account, you will be provided with an API key. Please make sure to keep this key secured and never embed it in client-side code.

You must pass the API key in the request header with the value API Key.

​Requests made without an API key will return a 401 Unauthorized response. If an API key hasn’t yet been provided to you, please send an email to with your contact information, and we’ll be in touch.


Standardized Operation System with Local Application.

Continuous Process Integration & Automation.

Supply Chain Flow Control Mechanism.

Reporting Management Tools.

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You can track your shipments on the go from any Android or Apple phone by logging on to

​You can use the mobile platform to track your shipments by entering a reference number to quickly get shipment status and customize your shipments and deliveries.

You can also sign-up for Delivery Alerts to be sent to your mobile via SMS.

Be sure to sign-up to take advantage of these handy features..

GP Mobile


GP enables its customers to have access to our easy-to-use, free online shipping and tracking services — all customized to their preferences.

​It lets you quickly track your shipments and setup easy and convenient status alerts. Now you can ship, track, and manage your shipments all in one place.


  • ​View, download and extract booking details in customization formats such as, date-wise, origin-wise, destination-wise or product–wise.

  • Track status of your shipments as Delivered or Undelivered.
    Receive Delivery Alerts via email or on your phone.

  • Conveniently manage your deliveries online.

  • Reschedule or Reroute Shipments.

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Our electronic billing service enables you to have an accurate, fast and efficient accounts payable service.

It is easy-to-use and requires no training. You can use the system from any PC or Mobile, using a browser such as Internet Explorer / Google Chrome, to view your invoices, search through historical invoice data, dispute charges, download your invoice data, and create payment instructions over the Internet.

GP Online
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