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We are a single-source logistics service provider with the experience and resources to ensure the proper management and oversight of your supply chain. As a top domestic logistics & supply chain expert, known for our wide range of freight services, we provide time-critical and special services for freight that requires extra care or special handling while still meeting specific delivery time requirements. Whether you are an established company, a small startup or trying to take your business to the next level, GP Supply Chain's domestic freight services can get you there.

Domestic Express

Express Services refers to an accelerated multi-modal delivery service for which the customer pays a premium and receives faster delivery. It’s a guaranteed overnight service offering with tracking, proof of delivery and special infrastructure for connecting and retrieval of loads at airports and dedicated executives for maintaining delivery schedules. It’s pre-scheduled where high value financial instruments/urgent documents and parcels are delivered in time for first clearance, by optimally utilizing both public and private airlines and a seamless and robust last mile delivery network.

Domestic Surface

Traditional Road services with lot of added tech features like digitization and analytics to redefine the experience. We are a late entrant to this arena that has the lion’s share of logistics business and hence gives us ample opportunity to enhance time tested strategies and evolve new ones to suit the customers. We already serve 12 business critical lanes, hearteningly our customers are delighted with the same uniqueness we have brought to this product, which brand GP Supply Chain is synonymous within Air cargo Express.

We at
GP Supply Chain understand that the potential of this immensely cost effective service in today’s times will propel our brand to staggering heights. Maximum energies and the brightest of minds have been assigned to this project in our organization to map even the smallest of improvements, and see to it that no stone is left unturned to ensure absolute evolution of this cost optimizing logistics solution – to match the lightning speed at which the transportation industry is transforming.

Train Services

Unique offering of cost optimum services, faster than Surface cargo – Road Services. Operated through assured leased space in passenger trains via SLR (Seater Cum Luggage Rack) with 3.97 Tons limit & VPH (Parcel Van) 23 Tons Limit. A fantastic product for cost conscious clientele who do not want to compromise on Speedy Deliveries. So it is, Speed at reasonable rates.

Reverse Logistics Services

Either a one-time shipment to be picked up from a far off location to a main city or hundreds of tickets raised by our customers for reverse pickups on daily basis, we have custom made solutions for every requirement in Reverse Logistics space. A common web page for reverse pickup request, to merging of excel files and tracking of shipment in each and every stage of its travel from the point of pickup to the point of delivery is captured seamlessly for the benefit of our customers. New technology adoptions such as online shipper generation, online printout of customer invoices, online MIS makes Reverse Logistics as easy as forward movements.

Next Flight Out Services

Premium Services for parcels that need lightning fast deliveries from Point A to Point B. This requires getting the pick-up done at any time and connecting in the next available flight. A specialized team waits at the destination airport to retrieve the load and arrange the last mile delivery in the fastest available manner, which may be multi modal in nature. These shipments travel exclusively and are not clubbed in any way with our regular loads. This product has been a darling of our top set of clients from various industries ranging from Auto Parts to Pharma where extremely time sensitive deliveries are effectively carried out to customer’s satisfaction.

Hand Carry Services

This is another Exclusive & Premium product used by top corporate where in the shipment moves accompanied by our team members who carries the load as cabin baggage and last mile delivery is effected in coordination with our ground staff.

GP Advantage

  • Airlines Air Cargo Agent with first mile pick up and last mile delivery infrastructure

  • Time bound forward shipments to distributors or outlets spread across India. [Normal Air Cargo]

  • Shipments which are extremely critical from anywhere to anywhere, which needs dedicated pickup and delivery support within 12 to 24 hrs. [NFO - Next Flight Out]

  • Shipments which have to be delivered within 6 to 8 Hrs, wherein GP Supply Chain messenger has to fly with the shipment. [Hand Carry]

  • Shipments which have to be picked up from anywhere in India back to Bangalore as well as from any branch in any zone to other zone [Reverse Logistics]

  • Within city pickup and delivery inside city limits within 6 Hrs in any major city. [Sprint Delivery]

  • Cloud Based Round the clock MIS Reporting

  • 100% Proof of Delivery

  • Company Owned Containerized vehicles with GPS Tracking.

  • Above 95% TAT Performance with all our esteemed customers.

  • 24/7 Customer Support services at a single point either Bangalore or any other city, as required by clients.

  • Monthly Turnaround time (TAT) performance review meetings to be attended by Senior Management teams of GP Supply Chain for overall review as well as continuous improvement.

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