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Forwarding & Logistics

Pharmaceutical logistics requires a certain level of experience and expertise as most of the shipments will be time & temperature sensitive.

Healthcare providers rely heavily for on-time delivery of freight that at times may be a matter of life and death. Ensuring a solid supply chain is key for supplies of life saving chemicals, medical devices, protective equipment, pain relief drugs and vaccines.

We ensure the integrity of sensitive goods through special handling and monitoring services. Whether modelling and executing complex global solutions or providing regional operations, we have the logistics network and industry expertise to support the highly complex healthcare supply chain across all modes of air, ocean, and road.

GP Supply Chain offer the local pharmaceutical and healthcare industry a tailored supply chain solution for the import and delivery of time critical items, ensuring prompt customs clearance and delivery from abroad to your door & vice versa.

GP Supply Chain's expert freight forwarding teams handle all aspects of customs clearance including import / export customs declarations, compliance verification, verification audit assistance, anti-dumping, free trade agreement, OGD (Other Government Dept) information / requirements and GST information just to name a few.

An expert team who specialize in the import and export of medical and healthcare products, we can provide a reliable and cost effective extension to your supply chain, integrating sea, air and land freight as the situation requires.

In addition to looking after local imports, our medical / pharmaceutical export team can also connect Indian based healthcare businesses via our global distribution network to end locations across Europe, US, Canada, South America, the Middle East and other parts of Asia.

Our comprehensive understanding of pharma and medical industries has enabled us in providing reliable and flexible logistics including:

  • Integrating air, sea, road and rail

  • Online cargo tracking

  • Door-to-door & priority services

  • Specializing in chemical and dangerous goods

  • Temperature controlled shipments

  • Import / Export Customs Declarations

  • Forms, Documentation & Labeling requirements

  • Preparation of Customs Documentation

GP Supply Chain aims to ensure both raw materials and finished goods in Pharma industry are provided with 360 degree solutions.

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