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Postal Boxes



Delivery @ 3rd Party

GP Supply Chain provides delivery of the shipment to next door or to a 3rd party premises or leave the shipment in an assigned place at any particular point.

Delivery at 3rd Party.jpg

Address Correction Service

GP Supply Chain provides delivery address change services with a process of email confirmation of the changed address with pincode, contact name and numbers with a reason for the change of address in the midway of shipment progress. This service is provided with an additional cost based on the pincode & weight of the shipment on case to case basis.


Flyer / Hand Carry

Flyer / Handcarry is a product in which GP Supply Chain will book flight tickets and fly their airport executives at a very short notice for shipments which are immensely urgent. 

Whenever such kind of critical requirement arises for our customers, our three different teams work in tandem by one team booking flight tickets, another team picking up the shipment, and the third team at the airport flying with the shipment as soon as shipment reaches airport.

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